Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Eagle 20% Off and Free Shipping

Where I am still learning with grocery coupons, I make up for in reduced retail shopping for clothes and accessories. I never pay shipping and handling for anything. Eventually, most places have a day or more of free shipping. I love American Eagle clothes for my family. I have 2 teen boys and a 12 year old girl that love it. Plus, I have pushed my husband into the 21st century and bought him a few items! Besides that I love the jeans but refuse to pay over $18 for them (even that is way more than I spend usually). I tell you all of this to show you that when there is a sale and free shipping, it helps us out as a family.

The 20% off sale is off of everything and in store and online. Now thru Sunday, 4/24/2011. Use the code 92447511 for online purchases or print the coupon. Check it out!

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