Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meeting Jolene Anderson

I spent this weekend, Mother's Day no less, is a gym watching my 12 year old daughter get beaten and bruised and loving every minute of it! She is a hardcore basketball player! I look at the stance that she takes on defense when the point guard from the other team is dribbling down the court. My thighs just hurt looking at it! But she is one tough chick and I love to watch her play! 

They came is third place, only getting beat by an 8th grade team (she is in 7th). It was awesome! My husband gets the privilege of coaching this amazing group of girls! He loves every minute of this! I never thought that I would see the day that he would coach a group of preteen, hormonal girls but he is great at it and they love him and more importantly, listen to him.

The girls also got to meet Jolene Anderson who just got signed to the WNBA team Chicago Sky. She spoke to the girls about working hard and never settling. Also about grades being important! She did a great job! Anderson played for University of Wisconsin and was the top scorer for boys and girls with 2,312 career points.


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