Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Saved $137.50 on Groceries at Target with Coupons!

I think that I am finally getting the hang of this coupon thing! It definitely takes some time and practice! This weekend I spent $240 and saved $137.50! I got a bathing suit (totally cute) for $1(I bought 5 Special K products and used a Target coupon that gave me $5 off of a swim suit and I found a two piece on sale for $6) and Purex Crystals for free ( one target coupon for $1.00 and a manufacturer coupon for $2)! From the beginning I promised myself that I would not own a room to stockpile and that I would only buy things that I need! I now have a large collection of shampoos and toothpastes but I am sticking with the plan! A few other sites that I love are:
 I Love Free Things
Jessica's Coupons (I check this one at least 8 times a day! She is great at keeping up on things!)
Free Snatcher
Coupon Cabin
Coupon Divas
Here are some new ideas!
Start Sampling (I just ordered my first box of free stuff so I will let you know how that goes!)
BzzAgent Badge

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