Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bath and Body Works and Why I Love it

Love them obviously! My son has a genetic skin disorder called EHK ichthyosis. It is a very rare disorder that causes his skin to reproduce too quickly. Basically doesn't have the cell that slows down the production of his skin. So where we redo our entire skin cell structure in 13-14 days, he does in 3-4 days. Benefit to that is that he heals super quick, which is great because his skin in very fragile and tears easily. He is a tough amazing kid and God is going to do great things with him! I tell you this to say that 2 years ago, the skin cream that we use was discontinued and the only thing that we have found to keep his very dry skin hydrated is Lay it on Thick by Bath and Body Works. It smells good and works great if you have really dry skin! The thickness is not harsh and doesn't pull on your skin. Plus, the results of the hydration are immediate! I am a loyal customer and very thankful for all the sales, deals, and coupons that they provide!

Because of this, I want to let others know of these great deals! Right now there is free shipping on orders over $25 for today only. Use FREE25 at checkout. They also have other great sales to check out like buy 3, get 2 free on signature collection items and 50% off certain products.  My favorite is that they have a future free bag, they Spring V.I.P tote 2011, $100 value for $20 with a $40 purchase that goes on sale April 26.

Check it out at this Link!

Photo Credit: Bath and Body Works

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  1. I'm so sorry your son has to struggle with that condition but very glad you've found something that helps. It's always our goal as a mom, isn't it?
    Came over from the Wednesday Blog hop. It's very nice to meet you.