Friday, May 6, 2011

dEliA*s 40% of Swimwear

I spend a lot of time shopping with teen girls because it is what they like to do and a great way to spend bonding with them! You can learn quite a bit from them while you are looking at the clearance rack:) One of the stores that they have introduced me to is dEliA*s. It is geared more for the preteen, teen, and young adult but us older women can tastefully find some nice items too!  They have great bathing suits that are tasteful and covering. They are having an online and catalog sale right now on their swimwear, dresses, and sandals.

Up to 40% off Swim
Up to 20% off Dresses
Up to 20% off Sandals
Free shipping and handling on orders over $25. Use the code DCFW25.
There is also a Design a Graphic Tee Contest.

Remember to read the fine print! And check out the rules on the web page and directions how to send in your entry.

Picture Credit: dEliA*s

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