Monday, May 2, 2011

NatureLuxe Product Review

This is my first Bzz Agent Review! I am so excited! About 2 weeks ago I received a free NatureLuxe Silk Foundation and  Lip Gloss from Covergirl Cosmetics!
     I immediately put them to use. I am not a big fan of foundation for my face because I have huge pores (such a joy) and the makeup often clogs them and creates chaos for my skin. I gave it a try anyways because I am always looking for new product and I am optimistic every time! I first noticed that the foundation was very light and easy to apply, even over my crater pores. It covered nicely and latest all day long with out disappearing with my oily skin. I tried it for the whole 2 weeks and not once did my skin break out! Woo Hoo! My 12 year old daughter loves it too! I had to buy Kathryn her own with the coupons that they gave to me so that I could stop hiding mine! I gave the other coupons to my friends and to the teens that hang at my house. $1 is great when it comes to make-up.
     I also love the lip gloss that they gave me to try! I usually wear it over my lipstick to keep it moist cause I hate crusty lipstick! Eww! When I do this, my lips can get too shiny and all I see in the mirror is wet lips but the NatureLuxe lip gloss is shiny but not overbearing. It keeps my lips moist all day and I don't lose it all on my coffee cup! It goes on smoothly with out removing my lipstick! The colors are translucent and you can wear it alone for a nice, natural look. Love it! Nice job Covergirl! Give it a try people! Visit to check it out! Also check out Bzz Agent to see if you would like to be part of their reviewing team! It is fun!

Picture Credit: Covergirl


  1. This is a great review! I don't wear much makeup because I don't like the feel of it, so it sounds like we're in the same boat. I should check out this foundation. Also that's hilarious because my mom has to hide her makeup from my sister.

  2. I love being a Bzz agent too!!

    Thanks for visiting!! I am your newest follower!! Looking forward to reading your blog! - Karissa