Thursday, May 5, 2011

Aeropostale Sale

It is no surprise that I love to shop! I love to get a great deal when I shop more! I only have one girl and we enjoy scoping out these deals together! My husband is so thrilled that I have trained her well (note the sarcasm). We use the line that we need time to bond, I don't think that he is buying it anymore but he goes along with it. He gives us our limit and sends us off knowing that we will return with deals and a caffeine high from Gloria Jeans! Aeropostale is one of our favorites! Here is the current special. Click on this Link or the picture to check it out!
The sale is buy one get one free graphic tees and shorts! I don't know about you but I am more than ready for some shorts! The weather in Wisconsin has other ideas! Maybe purchasing them will help us feel better about it! Buy one get one free is a great deal! Both guy's and girl's styles.

There is also a sale for 80% off certain items. There are a ton! Click on this Link for that sale! Jeans for $9.99 and some shirts for $5.99.

Photo Credit: Aeropostale

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