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This great site gives you opportunities to pledge for points and do surveys that allow you to get coupons off certain items and many free magazine subscriptions. Love this one too!

Not sure how to use this fully yet but worth the mention. You earn points from surveys, have a chance to review products, and use points to send Gifties which could become the real thing. Hasn't happened yet for me but others seem to love it!

My Coke Rewards
This is a good rewards site if you drink a lot of Coke products. Put the code from the cap in and build rewards to use on sweepstakes or giftcards.

 Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards
Another rewards site for putting in the code on the inside of the Lean Cuisine  box. Then you cash in those rewards for products.

Rewards Gold
This site is for

Kelloggs Family Rewards Program
My Favorite!!!! I love this one! We eat a ton of cereal! You put the codes in from cereals, pop tarts, or other items that they list and redeem them for items or coupons! On the site, you can always find free coupons, recipes, and other fun things. Right now if you buy 3 boxes of Special K, put the codes in, you get 1 free bottle of Nicole nailpolish on top of the points! Use coupons to buy the cereals and it makes it quite a deal! Fun!

Loreal Paris Gold Rewards Program
This is fun for samples every month (They usually tell you the day to watch for it) and if you put your codes in from the boxes of your hair color, you can earn a free one on the 5th one. They also give away free boxes here and there when they are marketing a new color.

Earn money by shopping, doing surveys, and watching videos.

My Points
I have been a part of this site forever! Just by clicking on the safe emails, you get points. Just like Swagbucks, you earn gift cards instead of money for your points! I have just enough to get a $50 Express Gift card. There are tons to choose from.

Vocalpoint is a website geared to product reviews and samples. They offer up a sample, watch for them cause they go quick, and then you write a review. Sometimes they do house parties called RSVP!  I have done one of those and received tons of free Loreal face products and full size Pantene Shampoo for me and my friends! It also has articles on parenting and is sort of a community.

House Party
I have done about 5 parties. My favorite was the Keurig Vue Party! I had a small keurig already and signed up for the party thinking that it would send me some Kcups and I would have friends over to enjoy them. I got a brand new Keurig Vue worth $250 AND 6 boxes of cups! I brought it to work and we had a blast with it! All you do is have a party in your home or at work if possible and take pictures or video. Play games, have fun, and give away free products they send you. Download it onto the sight and there you go! I just got a Redbook Loreal Party! Apply to them as they come up and spread the word on twitter and facebook.

Allure Magazine
 Allure does a ton of free full size items. Usually the first 500-1000 people to send their info get the item. You don't find out right away, it just comes in the mail which is fun! I have gotten a ton of beauty products from this. It always seems to be the first week of a month and it is at 11am CT.

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