Monday, April 29, 2013

Woolite Sample and Share!

I have always used Woolite as a detergent for my dedicates or my baby clothes. Until Crowdtap offered an opportunity for me to sample Woolite and gave me some to give to my friends! I have given away almost all of them but lucky for you, I have 3 left!
Woolite is also specially formulated to help keep the beauty of your everyday clothes! It won't fade them and actually will keep them looking bright and amazing! I have clothes that I love, especially jeans and Notre Dame shirts, that I don't want to fade! I bet that you do too! I love it! It smells amazing, makes the clothes look brighter, and the Woolite name brings me confidence that the product is from a good company!

The first three to comment below and tell me what their favorite piece of clothing right now, will receive one of the free samples to try yourself! I will contact you for your address!

1 comment:

  1. I have many bright colored favorites for summer! My absolute favorite is a turquoise shirt.