Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No More Rack Does it Again!

No More Rack
As you already know, I love No More Rack! They are an innovative company that gives us great deals! They also reward us handsomely for referrals and those referrals do not need to spend a dime for us to benefit. Just sign up with your email and you will receive a $10 gift card via email to use on anything they sell. The shtick is that at 12:00 pm every day a new set of items go on sale. There are usually about 6-8 different types of products from shoes to games to jewelry at amazing prices. Shipping and handling is $2 each item. You have to go quick at times because they can go fast! On the weekends the bring items back at a lower price. Same time, same shipping. No More Rack also has great promotions like the free purse or earrings just for having you sign up! This week it is free makeup! Fun! Plus, once you sign up, you can get your friends to sign up under your own personal link and earn your own free product! Check it out!

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