Monday, November 15, 2010

Bargain Huntress!

Due to our choice of professions (teacher-me/Youth Pastor-my hubby), money will never be flowing. But we did not choose these jobs for the cash and love what we do! The trade off is that I have become a bargain huntress! I am still learning but I have some basic tricks that I would love to share.

One of our teens from our youth group's mom wanted to know how I did it. Kelly had been telling her about the savings that I have had grocery shopping. I take her along to hold my coupons:) She loves it! I got the idea that maybe others would be interested in my findings and would like to share some of theirs! So here goes....

I shop at a Super Target for my groceries now. They have their own set of printable coupons. You can use them along side of the manufacturer's coupons. Go to the Target website and click on the See More icon. Then you can click on the coupon button. It is organized well and you can check the ones that you would like.

Smart Source, Red Plum, and Cell Fire are the best for manufacturer coupons. Again, click and print. They often change once a month and add to them once a week.

I also love a great deal. Recently,  I bought a sweater at Victoria's Secret for $19.00. It came with a free scarf (worth $12) and free lip gloss. Along with that I received a card for at least $10 off my next purchase. I get these deals from sites like fatwallet and slickdeals. Both have deals, coupons, freebies, and black Friday info.

I love free stuff and samples. They are available everywhere on the Internet! I have gotten free laundry detergent, signed actor's photos, hats, and other items at no cost to me. Every day is like Christmas when I get home from work to see what I got for free today! Check out the previous sights or Google "free stuff"!
Try to avoid the survey ones that want you to purchase a credit card and the ones that are too good to be true!

My daughter and I love to shop! We do not leave the house to go to the mall without  printing the coupons for the stores we love first. I just Google "Printable coupons for ....." whatever store you go to and there are many sites for this also. If you love to shop on the Internet, just put in "coupons for....." and you will get ones that you can use on the computer.

One new thing that I get the opportunity to try is a House Party! I am holding a party for Kraft. I will let you know how this works and what it is like. Check it out!

I know that I have just scratched the surface and would love to know what everyone else has found! Hope that it helps the newbies!

Make it a great day!

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