Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Have a Voice!

I am so excited about this blog! I am just an ordinary woman that loves raising her family but struggles with the demands of juggling it all. I know that there are other women out there that are the same.

We have four preteen to teen aged kids. All in sports! Basketball season is here and it has begun. The  IT I am talking about it the craziness. You know what I am saying! Practices, all day tournaments, working tournaments, 2 in the same day, deciding who goes where with whom, and the money for the concessions stands! Haha! About February, I am close to a nervous breakdown so I plan a "Girl Getaway Weekend" with my friends. It is this or a crazy mom. My family chooses a weekend away for me. They have seen the crazy mom and still have nightmares. :)

My husband and I have been married for 16 years. I love him more today than the day I married him! This has also not been an easy road but God is good and has brought us through the hard stuff to give us an amazing relationship. I am very thankful for this. He is a Youth Pastor and has been for 10 years! We love it but is has its rough spots too! I am very good at cooking for 150 teens now! It is also different now that we have teens in our home. There is no escaping a teenager now! Good thing we love them! I work full time, which is new for me as I was home for 15 years and I am taking my last class to be a High School/Middle School English Teacher. I used to love Shakespeare until I took this class. UGH!

You will also notice that I talk in exclamation points a lot! That is how I talk and hope that you get that through my writing. Just apologizing ahead of time:) I am also working on a blog for teen girls. My hope for that is to give them a safe place to have questions answered and give them positive, clean info on being a teen.

I hope that this blog is about sharing stories about kids, husbands, and extended family. I will use it to share my love for getting the most out of your money and give you my hints on how to do that. My goal is that we can encourage and support each other through this thing called life!

This is my favorite family pic! Notice my nephew in the back and only one person notices it.
I think this will be our Christmas card this year!

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