Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sample Hoarding

Hi! My name is Dawn, and I am a sample hoarder! Do you have boxes, bins, or closets that look a little like this?

This is just the tip of the iceberg if I am to be honest with you! My biggest issue seems to be health and beauty items! Food items get eaten quickly in my home, sometimes before I get home from work! I have just become concerned about the amount of shampoo and body lotion that I have! I realize that it is not who dies with the most samples wins theory! So this week I have used a different item everyday, encouraged my kids and hubby to do so also, and stop the madness of my hoarding. I don't want my family to put me on a TLC show someday!

Here is what I have learned from this:

1. Children do not like to throw away the empty package that they use in the shower!
2. You do not need a whole package of conditioner if you have oily hair to begin with so I have 6 open packages in the shower.
3. That Garnier has a million different types of shampoo and I believe I have a sample of them all!
4. That we do not need to buy lotion for a long time!

All in all, this was educational! Let me know if you get where I am coming from or if I am alone in my hoarding:)

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