Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How To Get Something For Almost Nothing


Target     Use Target Coupons with Manufacturer coupons (, and are the most popular) I use Wisconsin Coupon Clippers blog and Facebook page to keep up on all of the store's deals but especially Target. They call them Match-ups.  Also, Totally Target blog. They both give you links to the coupons and a plan on how to save. Let them do the work for you because they get paid every time you click on their website.

Target also  has Cartwheel which is amazing! You can use it with a smart phone or print out your barcode each time before you go to the store. I love that you can scan the items to find out if it is on Cartwheel or not! Get your app Here.

There are also Mobile Coupons available by texting Offers to 827438 to sign up to receive these.

I purchase 1 Star Tribune, 1 Pioneer Press, and 1 Leader Telegram every Sunday for  coupons. To check to see what coupons are in the paper each week you can check Here each week.

Walmart and Target are similar in price for groceries but Walmart has better stock of new items. I hate Walmart but many people do! This blog, I heart the Walmart, gives you a breakdown each day of the deals. One thing that I do love about Walmart is that you can use their Savings Catcher App to make some extra cash. When you shop at Walmart, go to your app and capture the barcode on your receipt. They will search the area and see if you could have gotten it cheaper elsewhere and if so, give you that money. You can put that on a Walmart gift card to use another time. I believe you can still price match too but I have found that they try to do the same pricing as Gordys. 

Woodman's scares me but many love it! They take coupons and have every imaginable brand available of every product. 

Walgreens offers register rewards for buying certain products and if you sign up for their Balance Rewards Program you can earn points which equals free money. You can earn points on prescriptions also. My favorite deal is when they offer free 8x10 photos which you can get notified through your email. Again, the above blogs do match ups for Walgreens and CVS also. 

Pillsbury  and Betty Crocker websites give you about 5 great coupons each Thursday that are more than the usual amount off.


Ibotta is one of my new adventures! Each time you go to shop, look up the store that you are going to and unlock the items that you may buy and watch a short video or answer a quick question. There are usually some any brand ones that I love. Once unlocked you capture the receipt with you phone (make sure that your camera notification is on) and scan the product.  It takes me 5 minutes after I get home to do this but is worth it! They offer a ton of bonuses and pay you in cash to Paypal or Vemo. Most online stores let you pay with Paypal, I bought a dress from Charlotte Russe for $13 dollars and used Paypal. You can also put the money towards gift cards from various places. In 3 months of using this I have banked about $200. Be careful not to buy to save with this app. You can also use this on certain retail stores buy buying online through their app or capturing your receipt. Working as a team with some facebook friends helps to get you extra bonuses too.

Savings Star is a great one for saving on items that I buy every week! Same as Ibotta, but you have to put the items on your list before you shop and capture your receipt when you return home (or in your car if you are impatient). There are some fun ones that allow you 1-2 months to make it to a specific amount for a large payout! Example: Spend $20 on International Delights Creamer by December 31 and get $5 back. I use this product and it applied each purchase to my total each time, telling me how much I had to go. They offer free items once a week and a healthy offer, usually 20% back. Cash out with a Bank Account Deposit, Paypal or various Gift Cards like Starbucks or Itunes. 

Kellogg's Family Rewards is a bit more difficult to capture the receipt but worth it for points and coupons They have Kelloggs and Keebler coupons not found elsewhere and you can earn points for gift cards and other products. Just take a picture of your receipt on your phone and download it to their site. They give you points and you can redeem them. I just got an Old Navy $10 gift card and used it to buy Kathryn a pair of pajamas oringinally $29.95 for $2! They offer extra points around the holidays and through their emails also.

Checkout 51 is another rebate company that will pay you in when you get to $20 in the form of a check mailed to you. It only took 2 weeks  to get that check which I thought was great! They were a small company but are growing now that they have teamed up with SmartSource Coupons. Capture the receipt from any store (This is the only one that you can use at Gordys and Aldis) and pick the items you have purchased.

Shopmium is a very small version of a rebate company but it does have some good ones. It will put the rebate money directly into your Paypal account within a day. If you sign up through this link and put in referal code KGKKMGFN, you will get a free Lindt Chocolate bar.

Snap from Groupon is another small rebate company but does offer some great deals on basic items like milk, cheese, and eggs. Capture your receipt and when you get to $20, you can request a check. Refer friends and make some money!

Earn Gift Cards

Shopkick is my new favorite and is so fun that my husband and I have added it to date night! Download the app from the link here and pick your reward. From there it is so easy. Just walk in the door of the stores in which it tells you have "kicks" under your store button. It will tell you what stores are around you and what ones have points today. They change daily. Pull the app up on your phone, walk through the door (or just by the store with some of them) and get your point. Sometimes you can get points from scanning specific items in the store. It is like a scavenger hunt. With the points you can choose from many popular gift cards and when you redeem them, you can use it right away. I have been doing this one for 2 months and have earned $35 in gift cards. That is doing it maybe one time a week so you could earn more. You can also earn points for referring and for looking under the products button and opening the envelopes at the end of the store. They are not always ones there but worth the look every day. is another great way to earn points by doing survey's, shopping through their sight, and clicking through emails. Easy peasy. You can earn amazing gift cards and even donate to causes that you are interested in. is one of my favorites! Do simple surveys, missions, and photo missions to earn opportunities for gift cards each month. I usually earn at least $30 in Amazon gc every month! I love this! Do as little or as much as you would like and you usually earn at least one. There are trial missions available which offer free product with you taking pics and telling how you liked their product. 

Ebates is another awesome shopping site that by shopping online through their site, you earn cash. This can be sent to you by Paypal or a check.

Swagbucks is a lot like My Points but it has more opportunities for points and quicker. You can look at information, watch videos, or do survey's for points. You can also do some shopping or sign up for programs like Spotify through them for points. Great gift card opportunities for a small amount of points.

Free Products
Bzzagent- try new items and give a review on social media.

House Party- Hold a party by trying new product, share pics of the event with House Party and on social media! I have gotten a $250 Keurig from this before for free!

Save Money

Retail Me Not is my go to app for what is on sale! If I walk into JCPenney and I don't have a physical coupons, I just go to the app, look up the store, and it brings up whatever coupon they offer. I hand my phone to cashier and bam, I saved money!!

Kohls and JCPenney have great deals with Kohl's using special cash coupons and JCPenny having 20%off or $10 off $25 coupons. If you sign up for their deals, you may receive the amazing $10 off of $10 coupons periodically.

Bath and Body Works is also a company that has tons of coupons that you can use along side of their deals. You can get the coupons in the store when you purchase something and sign up for their email, which can also be at purchase time. The more you shop, the more deals you get but always remember to give out your phone and email at the register. The same goes for Victoria's Secret. They send out free pantie coupons and $10 off of a bra every month but it is based on loyalty and giving out that ifo at the register. You also get $10 of $10 on your birthday!

Zulily is a great site for parents! It has amazing discounts on name brand items and tons of great things that you need for kids or did not know that you needed!

Choxi is a great website for discounted items and $2 shipping on each item. Tons of things to look at and your first order is $10 off.

Birthday Freebies

Click here for your awesome list of birthday freebies specifically for our area! I

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

StarKist Tuna Creations Sample and Share

I got this amazing opportunity to try the StarKist Tuna Creations Ranch pouch! They sent me a pouch for free to try and tell you all about it! I am not the most creative cook but we do love the StarKist Creations! My kids are heavily into sports and that takes a toll on their bodies so we feed them well and one of the things that we keep in the house for lunches, snacks, and before games is StarKist Tuna and Creations packs. They are so easy and so good for them! I keep them in my purse for a quick snack packed with protein or I add it to the salad when I am on the road. The Ranch sample pack was gone before I even got home bc the kids opened the mail and ate it! They loved the flavor added to it and it made the tuna even healthier because they did not add mayo to it. I purchased another (actually 6 with the $1 off of 2 coupons in the Sunday flyer) to create a grilled tuna and Monterrey jack cheddar cheese sandwich on 12 grain bread! It was amazing! The Ranch flavor is perfect, not too much but not too little! I loved how it tasted warm on the crispy bread. Next time I will add lettuce after it is cooked!

Here is a $.55/2 coupon for you to try it also! And if you are not part of Crowdtap, you should be! Click Here to Join!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Free Philosophy Time In A Bottle Deluxe Sample

It says contest but everyone who enters wins! You will receive confirmation in 24 hours that you won! Go Here to read the facebook message and click on the link. Answer the quiz questions and fill out your info!

Free Subscription to Shape Magazine

Free one year subscription to Shape Magazine from Rewards Gold. Just do a simple survey for a product. Trustworthy company. Go Here

Allure Beauty Blast Starting August 1st, 2013

Starting tomorrow at 12pm (EST) so 11am in WI, the Allure Beauty Blast occurs! Every week day in August. enter for a  chance to win all sorts of awesome beauty of fashion items. They are giving away 37.298 items. Pre-register Here if you want to enter with a cell phone or tablet. Pre-registar  Here for the online entry. Here is the calandar of prizes! Last year, I won about 15 prizes. The fun thing is that you don't know that you win until it shows up at your house. You have to hurry every day and be the first to enter! Good luck and have fun with it!

Lever 2000 Sample

Lever is giving away 20,000 samples of Lever 2000 bodywash.Visit the facebook page, like it, and play the instant win game until you win. You will get a free sample and/or a $1.50 off coupon!
Click Here

Monday, July 29, 2013

No More Rack is another great website for deals!! Great and awesome deals that ship for only $2 a piece and sometimes they have free shipping sales. It has really grown from the time that I started using this site. Another great bonus is every friend that signs up with you get $10 free just for signing up and so do you!!!!! Plus you can earn items on top of that through their Friendrack site. I got a Coach purse for free!  There are tons of items for you and your family and home.